Fear of Success

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Will Smith said something really great in one of his inspiration videos – on the other side of your greatest fear is your greatest success.  It’s true isn’t it? Some of the greatest things in the world wouldn’t have happened if a person out there didn’t have an idea, that everyone said was crazy, but … Read more

Maximise your minute

‘You have the same number of hours in the day as Beyonce’

For me, this year has been about maximising the minute. I’m often caught saying or implying that I want to make the most of my time and don’t like it wasted. When I am at work I like to be working, and when I am socialising or relaxing I ensure not to be distracted by work so that my brain takes quality time to rest. Every minute counts if you want maximum productivity.

Here are a list of tips I have compiled that may improve your effectiveness at work.

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What does the consumer respond to?

We’re currently coming up with a marketing campaign to sell some sweet deals on websites. (Oh yea watch this space!). But one of the major questions that’s being asked is: What does the consumer relate to? What do they want?

Marketing is a dynamic thing, you want to relate to your audience, but you also want to stay in alignment with your values, goals and processes. Your campaigns need to encompass both your own and the viewers needs. For example as a creative agency, we want to do something out there, we think: whats the weirdest most memorable thing we can do to advertise our product? But often our answer is something that may not relate to our audience. We have to go with the happy medium, and we’ve used these basic rules to get us something that will work:

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Decision Fatigue – What do you Wear?

In decision making and psychology, decision fatigue refers to the deteriorating quality of decisions made by an individual, after a long session of decision making. [1]

Have you checked out Obama and Zuckerberg’s dress sense lately? Or maybe even what they wore 2 years ago? Chances are you couldn’t tell which year it was because they wear the same thing every day, Obama a black or grey suit and Zuckerberg a grey t-shirt, jeans and a hoodie. And they for it for the very reason of only making the best decisions.

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The power of association

Ever heard of the term osmosis? Basically molecules moving from a state of higher concentration solution to a state of lower concentration solution until it reaches a state of equilibrium.

What does this have to do with business you may ask? It’s basically saying that naturally association leads to change which leads to an outcome. Association and interaction with anything will have an effect on you.

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