The Course Launch Accelerator Blueprint (Complete Guide)


Group program course launches don’t have to be effort-intensive, especially if you have a seamlessly working strategy in hand. In a time when automation effectively (and consistently) produces excellent data-driven results, reliance on organic marketing and word-of-mouth promotion feels more like pushing a sports car on a racetrack.

Put the pedal to the metal with our Launch Accelerator — a complete course relaunch program that helps female business coaches scale their businesses and make more money by automating lead generation and harnessing advertising-driven online reach. Let’s briefly define some of the key marketing terms we’ll use throughout the content —

  • Lead magnets

A free item, product, or service businesses give away to collect prospects’ contact details. White papers, eBooks, free consultations, and trial subscriptions are some examples of lead magnets. 

  • Cold, warm, and hot audience

A cold audience is one that hasn’t engaged with your program or what you have to offer. A warm audience is one that has engaged with your program and visited your landing page. A hot audience is one that has finally shared their contact details.

  • Retargeting

Retargeting ad campaigns are run to convert prospects who showed interest in your program but did not make a purchase. 

Let’s get right into it, shall we?

How does the Launch Accelerator work?

The course Launch Accelerator program works in five steps —

1) Pre-Launch Analysis

2) First Month (List Growth Ads)

3) Second Month (Launch Ads Phase One)

4) Third Month (Launch Ads Phase Two)

5) Post-Launch Analysis

Let’s discuss the blueprint in detail.

Pre-Launch Analysis

Well begun is half done.

Before we create and run ads for your online group programs, we need to make a couple of routine checks — 1) the performance of your organic marketing campaigns, and 2) the effectiveness of your official website and landing pages.

Since online traffic from ads will drive prospects to your official website, it needs to function flawlessly. Moreover, we need to ensure you have an evergreen lead magnet in the first place. The lead magnet should be lucrative enough to gather the attention of interested online users.

To put it simply, we will ensure that what we are selling is worth creating an ad for.

First Month: List Growth Ads

Once your organic marketing collaterals are set, we can start creating list growth ads. The entire focus during this month will be on developing and promoting an evergreen lead magnet to build your email list via List Growth Ads.

If you don’t have one, we will work together to develop an effective lead magnet. Ideally, the lead magnet should be an interesting freebie your prospects would be excited enough to download and use. It should answer a question, solve problems, or meet the wants and needs of prospects. 

Most importantly, we will make sure all the marketing collaterals (images, copy, websites, landing pages) connect well with the audience and are consistent with your branding guidelines across all marketing channels.

NOTE: If the List Growth Ads provide impressive results, you can increase your ad spend to quickly scale the campaign and build a large (and reliable) email list.

Second Month: Launch Ads (Phase One)

Phase One comprises tactics that allow us to get closer to the warm and cold audiences. How do we do that? We build a larger and even more lucrative lead magnet and promote it online.

What should be an ideal lead magnet for Phase One?

A lead magnet should be designed to prep your prospects/attendees and get them in the right frame of mind. As you share the lead magnets with our team, we will come up with interesting campaigns around them.

Phase One will essentially focus on building and up-selling an early bird offer to your warm audience. If the promotion drives enough website traffic, we will even consider running retargeting ads.

NOTE: In case coaches have no lead magnets ready, we will share compelling lead magnet ideas that cater to their audience’s interests.

Third Month: Launch Ads (Phase Two)

By now, we would have a hefty email list to work with. Therefore, Phase Two will be all about double-downing on a more profitable (for attendees) lead magnet and promoting a final offer to warm and cold audiences.

The people who have already shared their contact details can be pulled further into the sales funnel via the final offer. The ads during Phase Two will primarily focus on upselling a final offer to the full course while targeting warm audiences and other people who have signed up for the lead magnet.

Again, we continue to deploy retargeting ads (final offer) if the campaign attracts enough audience members. 

Post-Launch Analysis

It’s time to reflect.

Once we launch the ads, we put all our attention into gathering campaign insights and information that will help build better ads in the future, especially for your very next launch. We will document the entire campaign and the actions we took to make the launch successful.

Most importantly, we will apply the lessons and insights from the launch to dive straight back into ongoing list growth, making sure your email list brims with perfect leads for the next launch campaign.

Optimising course launched to perfection

As a professional business coach, you want to squeeze the most out of your marketing budget, and we facilitate that by consistently optimising the advertising campaigns. We ensure that we have access to the ads manager at all times to propel email list growth and develop more efficient (and profitable) course launches.

We even take hints and make adjustments based on responses we receive from organic social media posts. Ads optimisation allows us to compare results and feedback generated by the lead magnet promotions, setting a precedent for more effective advertising campaigns in the future. 

Final thoughts!

Our course Launch Accelerator program is designed to make it easier for business coaches to promote and scale their online group programs. We develop a highly effective, data-driven, and result-oriented online advertising campaign while making the most of our past advertising experiences. So, why waste your valuable time and money on running organic and word-of-mouth campaigns? Launch your online group program professionally to increase its profitability. Connect today!

Too time poor to set up and manage ads yourself?

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