What You Need to Know About Google Ads in 2024

Once optimised, there’s hardly any other online advertising campaign that functions better than Google Ads. After all, the platform returns $2 for every $1 spent! So, if you are an eCommerce store owner looking to use Google Ads, you should know what to expect from the advertising platform in 2024 and how to optimise your ad campaigns accordingly. Here are a few key points you should keep in mind when drafting your Google Ads strategy in 2024 —

#1 The cost to start investing in Google Ads is increasing

2022 vs 2023 Avg. Cost Per Lead by Industry
(Source: Wordstream)

The fierce competitiveness of the advertising platform has led to an increase in CPL across most industries in 2023. Some even experienced a 52 percent CPL hike year over year! This trend will pave its way into 2024 — making it imperative for eCommerce business owners to boost their advertising investments and back them up with an improved Google Ads strategy. If you are new to Google Ads, you should get help from advertising professionals to set up and optimise the campaigns and make the most of your advertising budget.

#2 Google Search Ads are more like SEO

As a Google Ads advertiser, you must set the right expectations for your audience. You cannot use any search phrases for the campaign and expect a truckload of traffic and sales. So, the campaigns have to be audience-specific, i.e., the phrases used in the ads should map with the phrases people use while searching for a product or service. More importantly, the ads should be supported by well-designed landing pages that deliver what you promised on the ads. As you create this sync, it will boost buyer experience and drive prospects deeper into the funnel.

#3 Conduct audience analysis to learn buyer intent

Your Google Search Ads will function better if you gain clarity over your buyers’ search intent. In other words, you will have to learn more about your audience. Conduct extensive audience research to figure out what buyers search for when looking for the products they want to buy. Put the collected information about keywords and key audience attributes into Google Ads and you will develop a better Google Ads campaign.

#4 Engage prospects at various points in buyer journey

(Source: Wordstream)

The eCommerce store owners will need to ensure customer engagement across all customer journey touchpoints. Focusing on broad stages of the journey, i.e., awareness, purchase, and retention, we suggest you invest in engagement strategies like PR, direct mail, flyers, word-of-mouth, social media, blog posts, emails, reviews, surveys, loyalty programs, and more. The idea is to stay in touch with the prospects, right from their first click to them entering their credit card information and beyond.

#5 Complement with email marketing or brand awareness

For store owners selling niche products and services, it will be tough to stand out using Google Ads. This is because the niche or small markets are ruthlessly competitive. You might even end up spending a lot more than you expected to get the desired value. Therefore, we suggest you invest in other marketing strategies like email marketing or brand marketing tactics. Running Google Ads in conjunction with such strategies will help you build an effective and all-around online marketing strategy.

Final thoughts

Well, things are going to get tougher in 2024, especially for eCommerce store owners willing to double down on Google Ads in order to make their presence felt. However, the relentless competition can be overcome with the right set of strategies, as mentioned in the post. Moreover, seeking help from a Google Ads professional will make it easier to run profitable Google Ads campaigns. How prepared are you for your Google Ads journey in 2024? Get in touch if you need any help.