Be Seen

Online Tree is all about taking what you love to do and putting it out into the online world. Through creative web design, support and branding solutions we can grow your digital presence.

Web Design

We use a website platform called WordPress. This flexible content management system that allows us to build creative web design solutions and allows our clients the flexibility of updating content. If you need to start from scratch, or your existing website needs refining, we will provide you with a suitable product to ensure your online imprint be seen.

Tech Help

Marketing doesn’t stop after your website has been developed, think of your website as an organic structure and to survive it needs nourishment. We can work with you to keep your website up to date, ensure your online branding is kept consistent, and keep you compliant with Google’s requirements. Additionally, we can point you in the right direction for your social media and SEO requirements.

Branding Packages

For start-ups and companies looking to rebrand, we have packages to suit any size. Our Packages include both web design and graphic design solutions to ensure that your branding is consistent across the board. Our aim is to support and educate our clients to ensure their physical and digital presence is well looked after. Look no further than Online Tree.


When you come to us for a web solution, we listen to your story. Furthermore, we understand every company and individual is different, so that’s why each of our projects are carefully designed to fit the requirements and features of the client. Similarly, the quirks and characters of your brand is what makes your online imprint a true representation of you and we adapt that into our design. From an eCommerce story to an online portfolio, we can help you get the website and online presence you’ve been waiting for.

Customer Service is Key

We’re often told that we go above and beyond, consequently it’s one of our values. Contact us for a stellar experience.

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