Paid Ads ROI Matters: How to Turn Ads into Investments

Paid advertising, unlike organic marketing, generates instant reach, revenue, and results. However, unlocking its full potential isn’t everybody’s forte. Beginners running paid advertisements always run the risk of inefficient ad spend, which might significantly affect their bottom line.

Believe us, I’ve seen businesses spend thousands per month on ads, only to consistently generate negative ROI. Learning from their mistakes, we wanted to share some of the common reasons why you are not achieving five to ten times the returns on your ad spend.

Let’s dive deeper, shall we?

What problems lead to inefficient ad spend?

1. Nebulous targeting

Paid advertising works if the right audience sees the ads. People often get their targeting wrong and push their ads to a completely vague focus group. Since an irrelevant group of people are clicking on your ads, the chances of them converting to your business are near impossible. 

2. Lack of consistent relevancy

Why would you expect people to click on an ad that’s irrelevant to them? As a business owner, you’ll quickly run out of your advertising budget if the ad message and landing pages are not in sync with the audience’s needs. Moreover, a lack of consistency across marketing collaterals will get you nowhere.

3. Dysfunctional forms and landing pages

The online advertisement will lead prospects to landing pages, contact forms, the official website, or the eCommerce product page. These should function to perfection because people tend to jump out of their buyer journey if they experience technical glitches.

How do we generate more ROI from ad spend?

1. Nail your audience targeting

We are experts at targeting. It’s not because we magically know who to target. It’s because we rely on extensive market research before setting up your advertising campaigns. With proper due diligence, we make sure your ads reach the right people, at the right time, and on the right platform.

2. Consistency with the audience’s desires

The ad creative, copy, contact forms, landing pages, and business website have to be consistent with what your audience needs. These should not only match your branding guidelines but also push the prospects to a definite solution to their problems — making them believe that only you can provide a resolution. 

3. Getting the technicalities right

Targeting, contact forms, ads testing and optimisation, and other elements of the paid ad campaign need to function effectively. We have created systems that ensure inquiry forms and phone numbers (lead generation) are directed to the right salespeople in the right departments of your organisation. 


We have only touched the tip of the iceberg here. You might be making countless mistakes on your paid ad campaigns that you wouldn’t even know are affecting their ROI. This could be due to your lack of online advertising experience or significant time constraints.

Why don’t you let us take a look at your ad campaigns? We are experts at what we do and can efficiently generate the right results without taking much of your time. Let us take this off your plate. Connect with us today to get started!