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  • 10 Reasons to Use Custom WordPress Development Services for Your Website
    10 Reasons to Use Custom WordPress Development Services for Your Website Eighty-seven percent of all online shoppers use search engines to find products, and according to Moz, 71% of consumers are more likely to buy from a site that appears on the first page of the search engine results. It’s no wonder then, why so … Read more
  • How Amazon Used one-click Buying to Change eCommerce
    One-click buying – the bane of many an online impulse shopper – was introduced by Amazon in 1999 to streamline their checkout process. It was an ecommerce technology that had never been used before – a novel way to buy a product with one simple, convenient click.
  • The Psychology of Corporate Vision and Mission Statements
    A mission or vision statement is a simple way for companies to demonstrate a desired image in addition to short and long-term goals. To put it simply, a mission statement describes the current intentions of a company, while a vision statement outlines more long-term, broad goals.
  • Fear of Success
    Will Smith said something really great in one of his inspiration videos – on the other side of your greatest fear is your greatest success.  It’s true isn’t it? Some of the greatest things in the world wouldn’t have happened if a person out there didn’t have an idea, that everyone said was crazy, but … Read more
  • Can you truly communicate with a program or robot?
    If you’ve got an iPhone or android, you’ve most likely tested out the artificial intelligence inside. Countless times I have tried to start a conversation with Siri, and she simply doesn’t understand what I am trying to say…