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  • Paid Ads ROI Matters: How to Turn Ads into Investments
    Paid advertising, unlike organic marketing, generates instant reach, revenue, and results. However, unlocking its full potential isn’t everybody’s forte. Beginners running paid advertisements always run the risk of inefficient ad spend, which might significantly affect their bottom line. Believe us, I’ve seen businesses spend thousands per month on ads, only to consistently generate negative ROI.
  • What You Need to Know About Google Ads in 2024
    Once optimised, there’s hardly any other online advertising campaign that functions better than Google Ads. After all, the platform returns $2 for every $1 spent! So, if you are an eCommerce store owner looking to use Google Ads, you should know what to expect from the advertising platform in 2024 and how to optimise your
  • Turning Clicks into Clients: A Coaches’ Guide to the Sales Funnel
    Leads don’t convert in the first interaction. After all, modern-day customers are smart and don’t rely on just a single piece of content. This is why you need a process that can be defined for prospects to go through and become paying customers. It’s called a Sales Funnel. Business coaches promoting online courses can significantly
  • The Course Launch Accelerator Blueprint (Complete Guide)
    Coaches Assemble! We have published a complete Course Launch Accelerator Blueprint just to make your course launches more successful. It’s time to lift the pedal off of organic marketing and leverage the goodness of data-driven online advertising. Check out this extensive blueprint!
  • How to Create an Ecommerce Ad Strategy That Works
    E-commerce advertising is an effective approach to developing a scalable, targeted, self-sufficient, and highly successful online shopping store. It allows store owners to measure, analyse, and tweak their campaigns to optimise the advertising strategy and yield more conversions. But how can we build a successful eCommerce ad strategy in the first place?