Who, what and where?

About the Business

Online Tree is a boutique web design agency, based in the trendy Brunswick. Through creative intent and professional design, it’s a place where you can let your web presence thrive. We’ve teamed up with specialists in branding and copywriting to provide each client a full suite of services – perfect for start-ups through to large companies looking to refresh their brand.

It started in 2014 organically, when the founder Kimberly Maxwell discovered a love for web design and web development, and soon found that it could help SME’s across Australia gain the digital presence that so many customers today look for in a business. Fast forward five years and Online Tree now consists of three base team members and a select specialists, who has supported over 150 individuals and businesses, with many more to come.

Meet the Team

online tree cartoon image of kimberly maxwellonline tree image of kimberly maxwell copy

Kimberly Maxwell
Head Honcho

Likes: work, creating art out of random mediums
Dislikes: wasting time
Loves to say: “Love, Love, Love” and “Waste of my time”

Kim is the first face behind Online Tree. She’s a work-a-holic, coffee loving, time specific individual with a love for watching dance videos while she works on mundane tasks. Kimberly will greet you with a smile and an energy which will make you want to get straight to work.


Patrick O’Louglin
Content Aficionado

Likes: food (eating and cooking), good films
Dislikes: bad films
Loves to say: “Bullseye”

Patrick likes writing. Every bit of it. And he’s pretty good at it. Short stories, video game narratives, internet surveys, postcards. He’s even taught students writing fundamentals at university so that they know how to write. But when Patrick’s not writing, you can find him playing board games, reading science fiction (Philip K. Dick and Kurt Vonnegut please) and strutting around in the kitchen creating a mess (also, maybe, tasty food).

online tree cartoon image of montee the monkeyonline tree cartoon image of montee hanging on a branch

Montee Monkey
Online Tree Mascot

Likes: WordPress, Helping People, Bananas
Dislikes: Carrots
Loves to say:  “Have a Great Day!”

Montee the Monkey is our Mascot. He’s there to supply our Online Tree customers with news, advice and will be the manager of our upcoming Knowledgebase. In his spare time Montee loves hanging from trees and is training to be a trapeze artist for the local communities entertainment.

Support Team

Likes: helping Online Tree customers, Sherlock Holmes
Dislikes: broken websites
Loves to say: “How can we help?”

Online Tree support is now available! Can’t get a hold of Kim? Try support. With daily support available Monday to Friday, our aim is to make sure your tasks get completed on time, and your emergencies are addressed. Got a questions? Feel free to ask. Have some feedback? We love that too.

Admin Team


Likes: research, social media, organisation

Dislikes: 😟

Loves to say: 😌

Online Tree admin helps the cogs keep running behind the scenes. Our social media posts, blogs posts, research and marketing comes from our assistant. You might hear from admin to schedule Kims meetings, your Mailchimp, Google or Social matters. Have an admin question? Feel free to ask!

Accounts Team

Likes: money, timely payments
Dislikes: debt, un-reconciled Xero items, oustanding invoices
Loves to say: “Thanks for your payment!”

Let’s face it, we all love money! Accounts are a part of every day business and they have to be dealt with. The Accounts team may get into contact for the issuing, thanking and following up of all of your accounts. If you have any invoicing questions, feel free to get in touch. We just want to make sure we are both happy.