Who, what and where?

About the Business

Just as an oak tree is a shelter, shade and representation of growth, Online Tree is a place where you can let all of your technology problems be managed, your online security risks be reduced and let your digital presence grow.

It started in 2014 organically, when the founder Kimberly Maxwell had a knack for web and found she could help people with her ‘green fingers’ of the keyboard. Today it is a place of growth and has supported over 100 individuals and businesses, with many more to come.

Meet the Team


Kimberly Maxwell
Head Honcho

Likes: work, creating art out of random mediums
Dislikes: wasting time
Loves to say: “Love, Love, Love” and “Waste of my time”

Kim is the first face behind Online Tree. She’s a work-a-holic, coffee loving, time specific individual with a love for watching dance videos while she works on mundane tasks. Kimberly will greet you with a smile and an energy which will make you want to get straight to work.

This Could Be You!
Digital Extraordinaire

Likes: WordPress, web design, attention to detail, office dogs
Dislikes: wasting time
Loves to say: “Sure, I’d love to help’

We’re looking for a new digital producer! Send us your resume if you think you have what it takes to combat WordPress, show your creativity skills, and think outside of the box. We’re waiting for you!


Sandra Maranta
Desk Plant

Likes: water, filtered sunlight
Dislikes: no water or sun
Loves to say: “…”

Online Tree’s first and only desk plant. She enjoys sitting on the desk and being fed water at regular intervals. She’s a resilient plant and stays alive even when Kim goes back to Tasmania and leaves her alone. She is growing new leaves everyday.