Launch Accelerator

We make your group program relaunch bigger than ever with end-to-end bespoke Meta ads setup and strategy.

As a women’s online coach tell me…

Is it time to scale your next launch to an even larger audience?

Do you know that Meta ads are a great option for you, but you just don’t have the time or expertise to get them working?

I have great news for you – as a Meta ads specialist, I can take care of it for you.

Say goodbye to the ad setup hassle and hello to the Launch Accelerator.

Don’t wait. Let’s Get Started!

A girl should be two things: who and what she wants.

– Coco Chanel

Starting a new program can be exciting. It’s a chance to leverage your existing success into something greater. Imagine a solution that not only saves you time but also ensures a steady stream of leads, even when your group program is on pause. 

Here are SOME benefits that you get while working with me.

  • I will first get to know your business on an individual level before getting started so that everything is curated to your needs. 
  • You will be working directly with me, not a salesperson or an account manager.
  • With my expert digital ads creation and management, you can focus on what you do best while I handle the tech stuff.  
  • With the right Facebook ads algorithm, I will make sure that your launch is reaching the right audience. 
  • I will manage ads setup (creation, and industry-standard optimisation for platforms), tech setup, troubleshooting, and ensure everything runs seamlessly. 

It doesn’t get any better than this.

Let Launch Accelerator help you launch to the moon and beyond!

What does the Launch Accelerator include?

  1. I’ll check and sort all your Pixels and necessary tech stuff.
  2. 5 x 1:1: meetings to review and strategize:
    1. Meeting 1: To get set up and get your list growth for pre-launch sorted.
    2. Meeting 2: Review pre-launch and confirm launch plan.
    3. Meeting 3: End of your Early Bird – review and refine for your lead magnet.
    4. Meeting 4: After your cart closes – review and plan post-launch list growth.
    5. Meeting 5: Project completion – where to from here? We discuss ongoing work or plans for your next big launch! 

All the ads setup (creation, and industry-standard optimisation for platforms) and management for the above.

Are you ready to relaunch?

When launching your program with Launch Accelerator you get…

  • Increased website traffic, which will help generate more leads.
  • Have an online presence for the right audience. You deserve to be noticed and idolized, not ignored or lost in the crowd. 
  • A busimess/marketer relationship where you feel heard and understood because I strongly believe you should feel like working with humans, not robots.
  • And Much More! 

Because the Launch Accelerator includes pre-launch, and post-launch ads and strategy – it won’t just scale your next launch… it will help you build your audience on an ongoing basis, so that each launch is even better than the last!

Lou has helped me find the holes in my marketing plan, so that I can truly appeal to my target audience.

Phoebe Rogers
The Relationship Space

Lou Kozlevćar | Online Tree

I’m a digital marketing consultant with 10+ years of experience with websites, and 3+ years of experience with paid ads management, and trained by the experts, I’m equipped with some seriously good skills to help businesses make more sales with paid ads. I have the expertise to understand the nuances of and strategy required for your unique business.


Launch Accelerator

Launch with me as your personal paid ads expert.

/ per month x 4 months


For this plan, you will need to already have your lead magnets, photos, videos, logos, and existing design collateral for me to repurpose into targeted ads.
If you don’t have these all sorted, dont panic! I’ll request them as we need them. And we’ll collaborate together on the process.
Before seeking quotes for digital services, it’s a good idea to have your business plan and markting plan sorted out. We want to be sure you’ll get a good return on investment, and that your advertising dollars result in increased revenue. We recommend seeking a cash flow manager if you’re unclear on how to allocate your money.
We don’t have th capacity to take on beginners at the moment. If you are looking for comprehensive, up to date learning, and women-led team, we strongly recommend picking up a course or two with The Digital Picnic. (PS: Lou’s most recent Meta ads training has been provided by TDP.) If you have existing campagns that need a second opinion, please see our 1:1 Digital Triage coaching.
Our HQ is within the Co-Paradiso coworking space in Brunswick East. Please note that we require an appointment should you wish to visit us here.
This area is known for its vibrant arts scene, multicultural community, and trendy cafes and bars. Located just a few kilometers from the city center, Brunswick offers a unique blend of urban energy and laid-back charm.
Unfortunately, no. In order to keep this service affordable, we can only offer online appointments at this stage.