Ads Readiness Checklist

Is your business and website ready for a boost with paid traffic? This guide will help you find out!

What is this checklist all about?

For as long as Lou’s been running ads, they’ve been witness to the good, bad, and the ugly.

This free guide explains all the good we like to see in effective ad campaigns. This info is applicable to most business types.

This checklist has been created by ads expert Lou, and web designer, Kim. Together they combine decades of combined experience to bring you a guide with actionable insight to help improve conversions.

If you’re new to running ads, or coming back after a long break, we hope this guide gets your paid campaign off to a good start!

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Don’t take our word for it, here’s some feedback from our happy customers

I have to say you are phenomenal when it comes to Google Ads. I have worked with a few Google Ads specialists in the past. They are no way near your level.

Rodney Day
SEO Specialist

Louise was very friendly and understood exactly what we were looking for within minutes of our conversation. The updated site was provided ahead of the agreed upon time with great installation instructions. A small extra change was also done very quickly and we received followup support to make sure everything was going well.

Melbourne Meeples

As the Current President of Conquest I have seen first hand the work Lou has done to increase the online presence of our convention. With their help we have reached a wider community and increased our attendance as well as the effectiveness of our advertising dollars.

Bryce Bannon
Conquest Games Inc

Kim built our website and maintains it as needed. She did a fantastic job and we could not be happier! Very attentive and easy to work with. We would strongly recommend Kim to anyone needing a new website or an upgrade!

Dylan Hornsby
Good Gravy Media

Lou and Kim are so good. Super efficient and skilled. After a couple of false starts with google ads and web design I’m so relieved to find Online Tree. Really fast, easy, expert help. They have taken all the stress out of the tech stuff. They have solved every tech issue I’ve ever had so fast. Thanks Online Tree!

Laura Duggan
Northside Gestalt

Lou was seriously so helpful! A detailed list and explanation of what I can improve to create a beautiful and capturing website allowed me to see beyond my untrained eye and instead hear a professional’s view point. I feel so much more confidence to trust myself in my creative process and no longer get stuck on tiny details that don’t matter in the long run. Thank you Lou!

Juliette Jones
The Magic Portal

Great people to work with! Kim is so very knowledgeable and helpful.

Christine Gozlan
Essential Health Foods

I started working with Online Tree when it came time to upgrade my business platform from a freebie site to one with a more professional vibe. Since then Online Tree have been looking after all the web needs of my business. Always wonderful to work with, they’re open, honest, creative, and meet budget requirements. Highly recommend the team – friendly, knowledgeable and they’re always there to help when needed.

Christie Flora
Flor and Order

Our results speak for themselves…

Here’s some epic results from a recent Google Ads campaign

A good click through rate is 2-5%, our client received up to 12%

An average ROI is 2:1, our client received 6.3:1

We want to help you get the same, kick-ass results

Download the guide

Enter your email and we’ll send you the guide. We’ll send two more emails with explainer videos for our favourite tips. You can opt out at any time!