Meta Ads Setup

Let’s get your Meta ads up and running without the hassle. Lou takes care of all the tricky bits (Pixels, copy, etc) so that you can get on with what you do best.

About the Service

This is a once-off, complete setup for Meta ads. This is best suited for group course facilitators! But we can work with just about any business.

Lou will take care of the bits business owners typically find tricky: Ensuring the pixels are right, getting campaigns targeted at the right audiences, and even figuring out the best media and copy to use.

What does Meta ads setup include?

  • Three teirs of campaign setup: Awareness, Lead Gen, and Purchase.
  • Custom audiences and optimised targeting.
  • All media and copy selected and edited to make the best impact.
  • We ensure your Pixels are set up correctly, and fix them if they aren’t.
  • A check in with you to ensure you’re happy pre-publish and post-launch!

“Lou has helped me find the holes in my marketing plan, so that I can truly appeal to my target audience.”

Phoebe Rogers
The Relationship Space

What’s my investment?

One-off Meta ads setup.


/ One payment. AUD including GST.


There’s never a bad time to start collecting leads! If you’re not already doing so, building an email list is a necessity for any business. This will allow you to have a list of warm leads to fall back on if things get quiet, or if your social media goes down for any reason.
If you run a group course/training/coaching, then yes! If your business offers something else, please get in touch with us and tell us about your business. We may be able to work something out!
For most business types, Facebook/Meta is the way to go to increase awareness and grow your audience. Regarding Google Ads: Due to increased advertising costs, as of January 2024 we’re only considering B2B eCommerce clients for Google Ads.
Good question! In our experience, we find a majority businesses don’t have pages that are designed conversion. While they may have a lovely website that already contains all the info a customer could possibly need, there’s a bit of an art to designing a page that converts. If you already happen to have email list or lead magnet pages that convert well organically, let us know! We’re happy to work with anything you have that’s already working well.
No. However, Lou can make necessary adjustments to your existing material to fit advertisement slots.
Nope! We may recommend working together for a number of months to get the ads created, tested, and refined. We can pause, stop, or re-negotiate at any time.
Before seeking quotes for digital services, it’s a good idea to have your business plan and markting plan sorted out. We want to be sure you’ll get a good return on investment, and that your advertising dollars result in increased revenue. We recommend seeking a money mentor if you’re unclear on how to allocate your cash flow.
This system works well if you offer a 15 minute free consultation as your initial hook. If you are looking to grow an email list (which we strongly recommend), you’ll need to have a proven lead magnet and organic marketing strategy.
Lou will write this for you, drawing inspiration from what’s on your website. If you have another preference, please let us know. (Please note that we cannot offer a discount if you’d like to write your own ad copy, as we will likely have to edit it regardless.)
Maybe! We definately won’t sneak anything into your invoice without your awareness. WIth some clients, we might advise creating new landing pages to help steer leads to the right place. Any extra pages you need, or page adjustments, will be quoted separately.
Our HQ is within the Co-Paradiso coworking space in Brunswick East. Please note that we require an appointment should you wish to visit us here.
Unfortunately, no. Kim and I are working remotely at the moment.

Want to ask more questions about Meta ads setup? Send us some details!

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