Mediocre Movies

Mediocre Movies The Brief You know that feeling you get when you just want to watch a mind numbing film? Yeah, us to. mediocremovies.com

Moth Media

Moth Media THE BRIEF We wanted to show our customers that this company can be professional, whilst also having a little bit of fun. With the combination of branding, movement and colour this site will make you want to have a video from Moth Media. mothmedia.com.au

Good Gravy Media

Good Gravy Media THE BRIEF How do you create a site with movement as vibrant as the work within it? Using subtle movements of colour and animation, combined with the work from the client, this site became a story of it's own. goodgravy.media


Efrossini THE BRIEF This site was built so that the art spoke for itself. With a strong focus on symetry and colour, effrosiniart.com became the perfect artists portfolio. efrossiniart.com

Dead on Sound

online tree iphone displaying a website on screen
Dead on Sound The Brief To produce a website that shows the clients extensive portfolio. In the end we created something that was user friendly for both the client and it's viewers. deadonsound.com.au

25 Frames

online tree laptop and ipad displaying 25 frames website on screens
25 Frames The Brief Minimalism: let the work be the feature. When visiting this site you will know exactly what this company is about. 25frames.com.au