Tech Help Terms and Conditions

Tech Help T&C’s


  1. Package subscriptions are on a month by month contract
  2. Packages can be canceled at any time via writing
  3. No refunds available
  4. 12 month contracts may be eligible for discount
  5. Packages can be upgraded or downgraded at any time for no additional fee


  1. First upgrade will be administered after 3 consecutive months of payment
  2. If required, any payments to third party themes and plugins is not included in the package fee and will have to be paid for separately
  3. Websites older than 3 years may require some additional work upon upgrade which will be quoted as a separate cost. This is including but not limited to: mobile responsiveness, new designs and additional feature add-on’s.


  1. Prices listed are including GST
  2. For enterprise packages call for a separate quote
  3. Prices are in AUD

Tech Requests

  1. All additional Tech Requests over the monthly quota will be charged at $99 per hour
  2. Tech Requests can be swapped for pages. 3 Tech Requests = 1 Page
  3. Tech Requests not used in any one month will be rolled over to the following month
  4. The following Tech Requests are weighted as one Tech Request:
    1. Copywriting changes to one page
    2. New fields in one contact form
    3. New Buttons on one page
    4. New Call To Action on one page
    5. Investigation into email issues
    6. Delegation or changes to one domain name
    7. Photoshopping of one image
    8. New images into one page
    9. Social media icons
    10. Colour or font changes to entire site
  5. Tech requests not mentioned in the list from point 10. will be weighted at the consultant’s discretion i.e. a Tech Request may be worth more than one Tech Request allowance


For all enquiries please contact via one of the following:

  1. Phone: 1300 513 559
  2. Email: kim@onlinetree.com.au
  3. Mail:
    Factory 2, 10-12 Moreland Road
    Brunswick East,
    Victoria, AUS