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This is where you can include compelling information about your classes. In this example we take Dylan’s tutorial content and turn them into online classes that students can purchase and download. In your own online portal, we’ll be putting this page together for you. This includes the eCommerce store, the payment gateways, all of your video editing and video thumbnails.

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Dylan Hornsby

I’m one of the founders of Good Gravy Media – a dynamic Melbourne based video production agency that produces stand out creative content and campaigns that help businesses engage with their audience. My passion is around storytelling and collaborating with people to communicate captivating stories.

I have been working in the video production industry for over 8 years where I’ve produced and directed award winning short films, created hours of social media content, interviewed some wonderful people such as Jack Johnson, and built a Rube Goldberg Machine for Holey Moley.

I understand both the “show” and the “business” through both my career and degrees in Marketing and Film Studies. This lead me to being recognised as an emerging producer in 2017 by Film Victoria.

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