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Pages are found by clicking the Pages tab and selecting the page you wish to edit. To edit a page module hover over the text or image and click the pencil icon to edit.

You can also clone an existing row using the square icon in the top right of the module. This may be useful to add a new section of the page.

online tree how to edit a page

Step 1: Click on Posts and then Add New

Step 2: Enter in a Title and type or paste your copywriting into the body section. Use the word editor buttons to italicise, bold, list, link, and many other features. If you are copying the text from another place, avoid bringing across any formatting by pasting the copy in the Text area first and then switching to Visual mode

Optional: Video Posts: To add a video post, simply click the Video format on the right-hand side of the screen:

And add the embed code in the area underneath the text block

Step 3: On the right-hand side of the page, you can find more options. The Featured Image will appear at the top of the blog post once published and in the news feed. Categories can be used to assign the type of blog.

Step 4: Once complete, click Publish and check the blog in the News section of the website.

1. Navigate to Products on the left panel
2. Click Add New button
3. Enter your product details accordingly
4. Locate Product data section and in the drop down menu, select Variable product
5. Click the Attributes under the Product data section
6. Click Add button
7. Type in the name of the attribute, e.g. Gender or Size
8. Type in the values. Separate values with | (pipe: Shift + \), e.g. Male | Female
9. Check the Used for variations
10. Repeat step #6 if you wish to have more attributes
11. Click Save attributes
12. Click the Variations under the Product data section
13. Let the Add variation stay selected, then click Go
14. Select a value for the Gender and the Size
15. Expand the row to add or edit the variation details
16. Repeat step #13 if you have more variations to add
17. Click Save changes
18. Click Publish to display the product in your store

For more detailed presentation, please watch this video.

Technical Questions

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